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Thank those who envy you

When on the road to success, be prepared to come across people who will try to undermine your confidence. Will hold you responsible for their failures. Will make extra efforts to hamper your growth and positive mindset.

While life will reward you with a few genuine supporters, most will try to make you feel guilty for being successful.

While it is natural for everyone to hate such people, if you can see beyond, these toxic people can teach you vital lessons about life, people management and most importantly self-love and self-awareness.

Ironic, Isn’t it?

Most often it is the closest one who hurt us the most. One nasty comment from that person and your confidence takes a huge dip. Before you plunge into the ocean of self-doubt, think twice. You surely are worth something for which people around you like or love you. Let that low feeling pass…

Learn to ignore

Always do a self-analysis. There’s no harm in wanting to be happy and successful. You have worked hard for what you have achieved. If you have not done anyone any harm in the process, you deserve it. You should be able to accept your success first and celebrate it and then people who care will follow. Don’t let anyone undermine your confidence or put you in self-doubt. You are answerable to only yourself. If your heart gives you a green signal, rise-up & celebrate. You can’t make everyone happy. Accept that and move on.

You owe no one anything

You only owe love & respect to the people who have nurtured you, have been there for you in tough times. You owe nothing to the loser who calls himself/herself a friend or partner and blames you for his/her failures. He or she is a grown up individual and his or her life choices are only his or hers and no one else’s. Very few people have the courage to smile at other’s success/happiness and no matter how close you are to a person, if he or she doesn’t enjoy your achievements, it’s time to let them go. If not physically, let them go emotionally. A true well wisher will never sulk on your success. He or she will never hold you responsible for what they couldn’t achieve. Enjoy your moment. Don’t let anyone ruin it. DON’T EVER FEEL GUILTY FOR BEING SUCCESSFUL.

Go enjoy that favourite ice-cream of yours, if need be ALONE. You deserve it!


Amid the hurt and happiness, don’t miss the opportunity to see beyond. When people react negatively to your achievements & happiness, they teach you the most vital lesson of your life – “To love yourself and not depend on others for your happiness.”

Humans are by default social creatures. We crave for recognition and appreciation from others more than we are ready to give ourselves. It’s time to change this mindset. Be your own best friend. Celebrate yourself and if you get a soulmate in the process, great!

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