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Tips for staying positive ALWAYS

Though there’s no formula for staying optimistic, following few things can help you stress less and smile more. Here’s my list.

Indulge in the things you love

You have duties. Do them but don’t ignore things you love to do. The more time you are with your passion, the better you will feel about the world.

Step out of your comfort zone now and then

We love to stick to familiarity. This limits growth. Keep on trying out something new- a new hobby, a new décor, a new job, a new friend.

Don’t overanalyse

We have a tendency to believe everyone is judging and discussing us. This is not the case. People have their own lives. Enjoy yours and don’t overthink.

Have less or no expectations

No one is duty bound to give you joy. Be your own happy clown. Focus on giving rather than receiving.

Pay attention to yourself

In our busy schedules, we tend to ignore ourselves. That’s a big NO. Take good care of yourself at all times. Exercise. Eat right. Sometimes don’t hesitate to have that calorie loaded ice-cream! Regularly indulge in self-care. Take time to rejuvenate and stay away from negativity.

Be expressive

Don’t keep your feelings to yourself. Say it. If someone or something is bothering you, vent it out. Don’t build resentment. Speak it out. On the other side, if you have good feelings for someone, don’t hide it. Express it. 

Respect others

When you respect people’s desires, needs and feelings, usually the respect will be returned. This love and care is bound to bring a smile on your face. Some people are unable to reciprocate. Understand and let it be. Be more tolerant. Some may even consider your kindness as weakness. Once you identify the trait, stay away from such toxic people. This is necessary to stay positive.

Have a safety net

No matter what, we all face grief at some point or the other in life. Have a few people in life whom you can approach and talk with anytime of the day, about just anything. In today’s world, this could be a difficult task to accomplish but strive towards building this safety net. If you succeed, you are protected for life.

Be a bad ass once in a while

Accept that negativity is part of life. We cannot always smile and it’s okay to use the ‘swear’ words once a while. It relieves the stress and in a way boosts your mood. So you can go for it sometimes. But don’t make that a habit please 🙂  


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