Believe it or Not!

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Creativity knows no limits! Who says you need fancy tools to be at your creative best. Since ages we have come across creative geniuses who have created visual marvels just by the power of imagination. They have put to use scrap in the most useful ways to give to the world an artifact that everyone could cherish. My belief in the power of creativity and imagination gained new strength as I explored the mind-blowing artifects displayed in London’s Believe It or Not! Museum.

Few Glimpses of The Amazing Artwork

This portrait of Michael Jackson is made only using candies. No paints or colours!

This portrait of Michelle Obama is made only using bottle caps….

A portrait of Amy Winehouse using shattered CDs…

Portrait of Abraham Lincoln made using 4081 computer keyboard keys…Amazing!!

Whitney Houston’s Potrait made entirely using car license plates..

This is not even 1% of the amazing collection at the Museum. It’s a must visit. Enjoy!

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