No Difference Please!

gender bias

How easily people cross the boundaries. You smile at them, they think they can be casual with you. You spend some time with them and they start considering you the friend who can easily take their personal jokes. This is especially true for women.

This kind of attitude bothers me. This attitude of ‘everything is ok’ especially when talking to women is a flaw our society is burdened with.

Men must be taught to respect women since childhood.  In today’s fast paced world most men are not able to cope up with women’s presence in upper levels, take orders from them and this is adding to the commotion. Men and to a certain degree women believe that it is their birthright to give advice to women on how to behave, how to talk, what to say when. ‘Girls’ must learn how to behave,  talk, walk etc while the rest of the world is free to go as you like. Sadly, even after so many years of civilisation, we have not evolved.

As a woman, I often feel like singing the song, ‘It’s my life’ ..many a times in a day 🙂

Published by Shimonti Paul

Trying to decode life.

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