Coronavirus scare-what we must learn

  1. Life is short. Don’t live unhappy even for a single day. You don’t know what tomorrow will bring in.
  2. Live in present. Be happy that the present is good. Future is a myth.
  3. It’s good to save for the rainy day but splurging sometimes for what can give you happiness NOW is also a good idea.
  4. Thinking about the future too much will not help. Why fret over the unknown?
  5. Watch, hear and discuss positive things. It’s good to stay updated but don’t let your entire day revolve around negative news. 
  6. Help others in understanding the prevention, causes & cure. Focus on positive talks.
  7. Closing eyes to a dreadful situation will not help. Stay in touch with the reality and prepare yourself accordingly.
  8. Remember nothing is permanent. Every phase will come to an end. Stay motivated.
  9. Anxiety leads to diseases. Avoid stress. Stay calm. Live better.
  10. Only trust reliable sources of information. Avoid gossip mongers.
  11. Make healthy habits a part of your regime. 

Published by Shimonti Paul

Trying to decode life.

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