Survival of the Fittest- The Thought Disgusts Me!

Being an egoist is not good, they say but I want to ask is belittling okay? In this harsh world if you don’t stand up for yourself no one ever will. But I often ask myself, ‘Is it even worth it?’ Strangely, even a pandemic of this scale is not able to teach us the lessons we should learn. We talk about sustainable development, collaborative working etc. but at the end of the day everyone is trying to prove ‘I am better than you.’ The ecosystem encourages you to fight for the ‘spot’ and if you don’t or you choose to let go because you think that’s a very small thing to do, you are labelled as weak. I fail to understand human psyche. Why are we so negatively competitive? Why do we take pride in being selfish? Why are we stuck with the age-old belief of ‘survival of the fittest?’ Isn’t it time we should revamp our thinking and create better environment for growth, positivity and collaboration?

Published by Shimonti Paul

Trying to decode life.

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