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5 habits that will help you grow

Don’t waste your energy on petty things

Small fights, gossips and unproductive work drain out your energy like anything. Negativity leads to more negativity and the dirty feeling stays with you long. These are tempting but before you choose to indulge into quarrels or gossips, consider, ‘Is it worth it?’ Consider breaking away for sure. It will help you to stay focused and calm.

Don’t overwork and Don’t over-enjoy

Work-life balance is not just a concept. It is a necessity. Just as it is important to work and achieve professional growth, personal growth is no less important. Keep enough time for family get togethers, make extra effort to spend some good time everyday with your close ones. On the other side, don’t overindulge in leisure. Try to create a balance, only when you will have that you will be able to enjoy the sweetness of both the worlds.

Don’t take up too-much

While multitasking has become the norm of the day, taking up too many responsibilities may lead to producing less than optimum output. Analyze your strengths and say yes to only those many tasks which you can handle at one time. This way you will be able to channelize your energies more effectively and produce better results. You will have better focus and thus enhanced productivity. Finish jobs in batches before plunging into the next one. Too much will cause indigestion, and nobody would love the outcome. Not even the ones who wanted you do more.

Don’t procrastinate

Procrastination limits growth. Prioritize tasks such that you are able to complete the tasks of your to-do list well on time. Procrastination creates a backlog which is hard to overcome. You will reach your destination late with procrastination, and the charm of achieving the goal will wither away in the process.

Don’t let others’ opinion affect you

Strangely we all are highly opinionated about everything. Humans love to convey their opinions about almost everything under the sun. We love to judge. There would always be few people in your life who will judge you, tell you about your own capabilities, give you unwanted advice. Ignore such toxic people. Stay away. Be with people who are ready to help you out. No one knows you better than yourself. Always believe in yourself, no matter what.  

Don’t ever feel intimidated by someone’s else’s opinion about you. Keep your head high and keep walking! The destination will be yours!   


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