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You can choose to be happy

It’s fascinating or rather I should say troubling to discover how the world sees everything in black and white; how it becomes so easy for the human race to categorize people as good and bad depending on their choices, preferences, likes and dislikes. This is insane. According to me, most of the things which the so-called civilized society defines as ‘right’ are questionable and propagate the beliefs of patriarchy, racism and inequality. I feel before anyone even starts treading the path of ‘being a good person’, few things must be thought about. You can choose to be happy.

Listen to your conscience only

Since an early age, I have believed that we all have the power of intuition. Some just know how to harness it to evolve as better human beings. Whenever you will think of harming someone and that according to me is the worst thing someone can do, you are bound to get a ‘stop call’ from your conscience. It definitely happens with everybody. It’s our ability to listen to that voice which stays for maybe a nanosecond that differentiates a criminal from a good human being. 

At some point of our lives, each one us feels rage, desire to break the rules, follow the instincts to give in to the pressure, quit; It’s the ability to listen to the inner voice that makes the difference. While some give in, some sail through and emerge stronger. Never ignore your gut feeling! 

Never stop believing in good

Nothing is permanent in this world. The COVID-19 pandemic has been the best teacher to make us realize that. In just few days, our entire way of living changed. Whatever we thought we cannot do without, became redundant. This is the truth of life. Times keep changing and just like the good days the bad ones also perish. Just like you have come across some negative people today, you will meet some good ones tomorrow. Yes, it’s hard to stay positive always. But work towards cultivating a positive mindset. It will give you the strength to fight the negativity. Good deeds, small favors, smiles you share – these always come back. 

Be your best friend

People, things which you believe form the center of your world or define your existence today will perish tomorrow. With time your preferences, your circle of comfort, in fact almost everything around you will change. The only thing which will remain constant is you. You will always be there for yourself, so never stop believing in yourself. Be your best buddy. Make yourself as you want yourself to be not as someone else wants. 

Love unconditionally if possible

As they say, ‘easier said than done’. But try loving at least one person in your life unconditionally. Develop a relationship with the person where you don’t demand anything. You just let it flow. You love doing things for the person without expecting equal favors or acknowledgement in return. It’s a tough road to travel but if you can, you will experience true bliss. Try it!

Avoid negativity

Some people will always try to drain your energy. By just being near them you will feel unhappy. Avoid such people. Stay around people who give you positive vibes. Their positive energies will make you smile more and blossom. You can create your circumstances to a great extent, just try a bit harder!

Keep busy

An idle mind is a devil’s workshop – this is very true. Don’t allow your mind to play with your emotions. Keep it busy. Engage in activities, do what you love to do and don’t let those negative thoughts come into your mind. Don’t wait for others to make you fulfilled. Choose your ‘rejuvenate’ mantra and keep going!  

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