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A rigid belief system limits growth

Perhaps the most difficult thing to change in life is our mindset. It takes a lot of effort to let go of what we have been believing our entire lives and accept new beliefs, ideas and concepts. The fight exists both in professional and personal life. While, it is easier to evolve at professional space, imbibe the new developments in order to achieve growth, the real difficulty arises in case of our personal belief system.

Changes hit hard

Since ages we have been taught to believe in the natural system of creating offspring, primarily to keep the human generation alive and kicking. While the process is laced with the hyped-up notions of love, sorry to say, at the heart of it, there remains nothing beyond a physical process of continuing the human race. Sounds too negative, but unfortunately, the rising incidents of divorce, heartbreaks, physical abuse, depressions corroborate the thought. Add to that the self-centered way of living we are steadily heading towards and Alas! We are in a bad shape. Few genuine relationships do exist but the harmony between married couples is becoming such a rarity that it makes us question the so-called norms of society again and again.

The society is primarily focused towards the process of recreation rather than living. What we call normal may not be normal at all. A soul trapped in a relationship just for the heck of societal acknowledgement is the worst a society can do, to a human being.

More compassion needed

We all need to be more compassionate and understanding. Let us not put relationships into boxes. Love is a lovely feeling and it cannot be forced upon. We need to really work on our thought process and let others breathe. The so-called values are so strongly ingrained in our belief system that anything beyond that, is considered wrong. While the world is maturing and becoming more accepting, a lot needs to be done still. Most importantly, the mindset need to change. We have to stop using love as an excuse for practicing hatred, intimidation and bullying. 

What an excellent way of telling the world what actually Love is: The greatest love is not bound by rules

Love is a living commitment, re-affirmed each time we reach out to one another in pure joy, each time we tell the truth, each time one of us shares a newly uncovered insight or emotion.MYLAH DE LEON

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