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Want Change? Then Act

You do yourself the maximum harm when you give in to the circumstances. You start believing that this is what you are destined for and you give up. That’s the wrong way to go. Always. Each and every circumstance is changeable. You just need to build up the courage to change your thoughts, take action and choose a different route for your life. If you want change, then Act.

Giving up is not an option

You give a free will to your misery the moment you give the remote control of your life to it. Life loves to throw challenges at us, and these tough times help us evolve. We have to not only face them courageously but also pick up the best learning from them and move on.

We trust the people we love the most and more than often these people only stab us at the back. We are the most vulnerable with them and they hurt us without thinking twice. On those moments, self-harm seems to be an easy option, running away from the problems seems to be the most viable solution to all the problems, but just pause for a moment and think, who are you punishing in this whole affair, does harming yourself anyway affect the person who hurt you in the first place? No. It only hurts the people who actually love you, care for you. So, don’t give up when faced with a problem. 

Mourning, crying out loud, screaming, sharing with a person you trust are good options to vent it out. But then make conscious efforts to move on. Nothing in life is permanent. Your life is your responsibility. Leave a toxic situation and work towards improving the situation you are in. You are the master of your destiny. Just Take Action.

Control your mind

It is popularly believed that our mind controls us, but you will be surprised to know that you can control your mind. The brain is wired to protect us from new situations and thus does not let us think of new solutions to emerge through difficult times in a better way. The brain is optimized to make subconscious decisions based on previous emotions attached to experiences. This makes us captive of unhealthy and routine behavior. 

Faced with a tough situation, you need to take control of your mind and make it think positive; think of a different solution to combat the situation.

Change in one small thought can bring in a huge difference in your life. Change that negative thought to a positive one with conscious efforts. Make your brain see the light at the end of the tunnel and things will start looking better for you. No miracles will happen overnight but with one positive thought you will start walking the path of self-healing and that’s a great start. Change your thoughts. Take Action Now!

Also, get out of the miserable situation. Take that action to set yourself free. Don’t procrastinate, get up and get going towards a better life!

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