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Manage Stress with Art Therapy

Stressed about thinking of different ways to overcome stress? Fret not! You must have heard the term ‘Art Therapy’. Art therapy is believed to be an excellent way to relieve stress. Let’s zoom into some facts of art therapy in brief.

Art therapy is a therapeutic technique, conducted under the supervision of a skilled therapist, that uses different types of visual arts to improve the mental or emotional state of a person. This therapy is a great rescue for people who are uncomfortable to express their feelings verbally. The best part is that you can practice art therapy on your own as well.

Let’s take a look at 5 ways of art therapy involving creative activities to relieve stress that you can do on your own.

Design a postcard

Have difficulty to say something? Put your words on a postcard by decorating it yourself. Some glitters, some colours—make it your personal art & craft project.

Write a story or poem

This may sound a little difficult but try to write anything that comes to your mind for starters. Anything at all works for the therapy. Writing is believed to be one of the most creative ways while also working through negative thoughts. Take inspiration from your favourite books, films, or TV shows and create something of your own. You could even publish your work online in a blog if you want.

Bake something delicious

Baking appeals to a lot of people as its not only give you the utmost pleasure but you also get to eat something yum at the end. Invite your friends over to enjoy your creations or be a little selfish and gulp the food all by yourself. 


It is an art form that employs plants as paint and your hands as tools. You can build your garden in a small tabletop bowl or take over an entire rooftop—let your creativity soar. Don’t know much about plants? Spend some time at a local nursery and find out what grows best in your area, or just google it. 

Make a collage

Not sure what to do with those magazines, circulars or newspapers scattered around the house? Take a pair of scissors, glue and decorative supplies and let your imagination run wild. Short on art supplies? Or simply more of a photoshop person? Fire up your laptop, open photoshop or download free collage programs. You can create a digital collages from your own photographs and memories.

Though there are plenty of ways of releasing stress in a creative way, each has its own appeal, based on your personality and needs. You can choose any art form of your choice to overcome stress.

Here are 5 different art forms involving a paper and pen/pencil that anyone can do:

Create Mandala

Mandalas have been used as art therapy since the primaeval times. Mandalas are circular designs that include often intricate patterns and symbols defining wholeness, unity, divinity and awareness.  

Creating a mandala allows the body and mind to relax; relieve stress, depression and activate self-esteem. Your mandala can look however you want it to look, all you need to do is have fun.

Go Absract

Grab your drawing book or canvas and scribble your thoughts. Just put it all together – anger, depression, curiosity or any emotion that gets your adrenaline racing! Draw your stress. An abstract representation of your emotions will help you to express in a way that may be difficult to put into words.

Keep an art journal

Create an art journal about your dreams, goals, passion which will help you identify the pattern in your dreams. Try keeping your art journal and pen next to your bed. As soon as you wake up, draw the first images, symbols, or words that come to your mind. Don’t worry if you’re not ‘good’ at drawing. Your dream journal is for your improvement only.

If All Else Fails … Doodle!

If you don’t have time for art classes or a 20-minute drawing session, you can always start doodling. The best part of a doodle is that it’s not subjected to a particular topic. It can be candid, funny rather anything. Medical research shows that doodling helps to get over stress, frustration and achieve better mental health. What are you waiting for? Dive into your imagination; grab a paper, pencil and start doodling!

There are other form of creative pursuits of course that can help you relieve some stress. Music therapy is just one of them. At DArtisians we are constantly trying to help artists to excel in their own creative pursuits and protect their mental health. We have the answers for your every question. Just ask away and Join the community.

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