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3 tips to get hurt a bit less and heal faster

Why can’t we just get over the relationships which we know can never work out? Why there’s this constant pull? Every pore of your body wants to break free, but you just can’t. But trust me you can. Most of the hurt caused to us happens because we let it happen. Some people are not meant to be with you and most likely you are better off that way. Here are 3 tips to get hurt a bit less and heal faster.

Don’t let people take you for granted

When we deeply love someone, we let go of all our guards. You stand exposed with them, as you believe transparency and trust are key to a true relationship. But beware! You may end up looking like an emotional fool who gives the signal ‘you can treat me any way you want.’ Always remember a person who loves you will respect you. If you are being humiliated by this person time and again, don’t ignore the signals. You must stand up for yourself. Love yourself more than anyone else. Be with people who value you as a person, who respect you. Personal relationships cannot be forced. Don’t keep on hanging to people who don’t understand your worth. Everyone is unique in their own respect.

Don’t be bothered by judgements

In life, you will come across people who lack emotional intelligence to be empathetic, understand others. They just put people in compartments and judge them, discuss them. You can’t help it. It’s just your bad luck that you come across such people. Maybe they can also teach you something. Anyways, don’t ever let anyone’s perception about you bother you. It will be hard to achieve this since we tend to go into the mode of self-doubt and we look for validation often. And, if you have feelings for such a person who constantly judges you negatively then you are gone!!! But trust me you can overcome such pain. 

It would not be humanly possible to not get hurt but you can stop the judgements from clouding your thoughts and personality. Always remember everyone has unique values and qualities. Never stop loving yourself. You are your priority ALWAYS. If you find something which you can learn from the judgment, filter it, use it and let go. Let go of relationships which just bring you humiliation, sadness, tears. Maybe the other person is also better off that way. 

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Don’t build need-based relationships

Few people in life will only want to be with you because you meet some need of theirs. While we all need some people in our lives, make efforts to be with people who want you beyond any task. They want to be with the person who you are and not what you can do for them. Don’t overbend for such people. Do your duties but pull off when you have to. These people are usually the ones who will leave at the very moment they feel you are of no use to them. And if you are emotionally involved that will hurt. Be a bit more alert. As we always say, it’s your responsibility to keep yourself nurtured and loved unconditionally. 

Hope these help you to heal faster just like they helped me to lead a calmer, fuller life with myself. 🙂

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