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3 Habits for a better mental health

Agreed certain situations are not in our control. However, how much we let external factors affect us, depends to a great extent, on us. You can choose to remain calm and happy amid chaos. Sounds difficult but can be achieved by training your mind. If you can cultivate some habits, you can enjoy better mental health, leading to a fuller life. So, here are 3 habits for a better mental health.

Not lashing out immediately

It’s perfectly natural for each one of us to feel anger at some point or the other. No matter how balanced you are, sometimes you will feel like lashing out. While psychologists do not advocate keeping anger inside, lashing out and being rude at every instance is also not advisable. When disappointed, give yourself some time to absorb the hurt; cultivate the habit of not reacting immediately. Most of the time we are likely to repent the immediate reactions. These actions later on cause a lot of stress and extended damage to our mental health. Tricks like moving away from the situation, counting backwards do help. Try them out next time!!

Not blaming yourself 

Many of us suffer from the habit of blaming ourselves for all the wrong in the world. Also, we are in the habit of feeling bad about feeling hurt. Develop the habit to be compassionate towards yourself. If you have failed in something, no need to beat yourself up for it. As long as you realize your mistake and develop the courage to move on, you are good. No one is perfect in this world. Mistakes make us stronger. Learn from your mistakes and be a better person. Develop the habit of self-compassion. Feel bad about the situation but don’t consider yourself bad because of the situation.

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Not being rigid

Cultural contexts make us conform with few beliefs and practices. Following these often become our habit. Remember as we grow, our circumstances change and so should our belief system. Definitely few beliefs will form your core value system and you should never compromise on them but try to be a bit flexible with your behavior. The definition of right and wrong remains highly skewed in many cases. Evaluate situations with an open mind and develop the habit of being able to make slight adjustments, if required. This will make circumstances more peaceful and enjoyable.

Though as an emotional being, you are bound to get affected by the surroundings and people’s behavior towards you, bringing some changes in yourself can make the journey more enjoyable. Inculcate these habits to live a fuller life. 

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