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5 Tips to improve productivity at work

Do you often feel you could have done more during the day at office? Many things remain unfinished for you at the end of the day? Don’t fret! You are not alone. Many people struggle to optimally utilize their time at work. The good news is that conscious efforts can make you more productive at work. Here are 5 tips to improve productivity at work.

1. Organize your thoughts and tasks

During the day, you may have to complete multiple tasks, few will be planned while many will come unplanned. Stay calm. Don’t get overwhelmed by the tasks at hand. Organize your thoughts and prioritize the tasks. Some may get spilled over the next day but that’s ok as long as you are giving your 100% to the work in hand.

2. Take short breaks

This may sound counterproductive but short breaks between tasks actually improve your concentration. These breaks could also be an excellent avenue to interact with colleagues and get fresh ideas on your projects.

3. Set achievable deadlines

Set deadlines for each task. The pressure of a deadline will help you focus better and finish tasks on time, reliving you of unnecessary stress.

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4. Don’t procrastinate

Whichever tasks you can finish, keep on completing them as per your schedule. Don’t reschedule unnecessarily. The stress of unfinished job will always be more than the pressure of completing a task.

5. One task at a time

While multitasking seems to be a favourable quality, the opposite may be actually true. Focusing on one task at one time will help you to concentrate better and improve productivity. You will complete tasks sooner, getting more time for the next one.

These tips may help you complete your tasks with more ease, boosting your productivity and mental health. A stress free environment will be a bonus!

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