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Loving in moderation

Recently while watching a show, I came across the concept of loving in moderation. I must say I resonated with the thought. I have been a very passionate person and needless to say have got hurt numerous times. I may have hurt some in the process as well. I have realised that ‘Loving in moderation’ is a great way to keep relations thriving.

Give space

Over the years, I have realised that when we love someone too much we don’t even realise when we cross the boundaries to the point of being overly possessive. We constantly demand attention often making the other one feel suffocated. One thing which is very important to consider here is that every relationship requires a bit of space. Moreover, often two people are different and when in love it is all the more important to understand the differences. While you may love to revolve your entire life around your partner, it may not be the case with your partner. He or she could be a more free-spirited person and if you truly love him/her, you must give them that space. It’s not cool to cross the boundaries no matter how much you love.

Respect other person’s decisions

In a relationship, it is quite natural to have different opinions on similar situations. Love is giving not taking. When you can love someone unconditionally that is actually true love. Agreed it is difficult to being so benevolent but trust me it can be achieved. If you cannot love unconditionally then at least love in an understanding way. Love is not to be assertive with your feelings. When you love someone, understand their needs and wants and modify your behaviour accordingly. Your partner must at all times feel comfortable with you. 

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Have a life

We often believe that when we love someone our life begins and ends with that person. Definitely your partner is the most important person of your life but you had a life before you met the person and for a healthy relationship continue having that. Involve your partner in that part of your life if you want to but do have a social circle, a hobby. Have some ‘me time’ for yourself and give the same to your partner. Love in moderation. Coming too strong with your feelings could scare the other person away! They may feel the pressure of meeting your expectations and that would lead to friction. Give some space! 

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