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5 Myths about Happiness you Must Stop Believing Today

Myths about happiness are all around us and all we focus on the solutions without analysing the cause. Being happy and at peace has become the latest wellness obsession nowadays. In this digital age, every now and then you’re comparing how perfect everyone else’s life appears on social media with your seemingly less than perfect existence. And this can really bum you out. There are 5 myths about happiness that you must stop believing today to be happy.

1. Money makes you happy 

Well, money can’t buy you happiness, but it sure can buy lots of things that contribute to happiness. Even donating to a charity (spending money) is significantly associated with greater happiness. 

In this COVID-19 pandemic situation, we all are facing a financial downturn and thus making it more clear how money contributes to happiness, mostly in the negative tunnel. People’s biggest reason for unhappiness includes financial anxiety, health concerns, and job insecurity. However, it’s amusing how the lack of money brings much more happiness than possessing it.

It is essentially the acceptance of the fact that money is for necessities and survival only, which gives you a sense of peace. If you have enough money to have a roof over and food in your belly, you should be happy and appreciate your existence; but is it that simple?

It might take practice to believe because we have been raised with the idea of having big cars and luxury homes mean happiness. Train your conscious to eliminate that knowledge. Money is like having good health –You take the money and good health both for granted until you don’t have it anymore.

The bottom line is, splurge it wisely for the best benefits.  

2. You need a relationship to be happy

Most of us think that having a partner would make us happy forever; or a pet, a friend, or your children even. There’s no doubt having a strong relationship would make your life better in a lot of ways. But it’s not a requirement to be happy. 

It’s natural to blame your relationship status when you’re unhappy, but try not to. Stop waiting for your “soul-mate” to bump into you like your life is a Yash Chopra movie. There’s no need to feel inadequate or anxious if you’re single. No other person can complete you if you cannot find solace in your existence.

Several studies show that single people are no less happy than the people who’re in a relationship. In fact, single people have been found to enjoy great happiness in other relationships and pursuits.

Stop believing these toxic myths. Start recognizing the power of resilience and the rewards of singlehood (Such as experiencing solo adventures, spending more time with friends).

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3. The best years of your life are over

There is no specific time when you can feel happy, whether you’re young, middle-aged, or old. A great majority of us believe that happiness declines with age. No age category decides your happiness.

Remember happiness is a state of mind and you have control over it. The trick is to LOSE THE CONTROL.

Multiple studies show that older people are actually happier and more satisfied with their lives than younger people. Why is this? As we grow old we begin to recognize that our years are limited. This motivates us to change our perspective about life. We become more conscious about our present and invest our time and effort into the things that really matter. Then why not do the same in an earlier stage of life?

Let’s bust the myth that the best years of your life are over. Change your perspective about life now. Be happy, positive, and eliminate stress caused by circumstances at any given moment. 

4. Landing the dream job makes you happy

We often tell ourselves that “I’ll be happy once I get my dream job”. Well, it’s not your fault for believing this since you’ve been fed from a very young age that earning money will bring happiness –But is this approach really promise us forever happiness? A big NO!! The moment you get your dream job you have other goals lined up to be happy.

Landing the dream job doesn’t protect you from feeling like crap. If your materialistic achievements could decide your happiness then multi-millionaires wouldn’t get depressed.

If you can start appreciating where you are, whatever you have now rather than setting goals on some future accomplishment, you’ll be happier. Set goals, work to achieve them but do not associate that with your mental state and happiness. There is a fine line.

Let’s re-frame the statement first. Happiness is a journey, a way of life –not the destination. Happiness is to be found along the way of your journey, not at the end. 

5. Happiness is the destination

Most of us continually postpone our happiness today to achieve future accomplishments. We keep convincing ourselves that “someday I’ll be happy” when ‘something’ happens!

But the bottom line is, there is no better time to be happy than Today.


Next time you find yourself focusing on the things you’re not happy about, try to reframe the question and ask a more positive question –I might not be happy with “this” but what do I have to do to be happy right now? 

Focus on the things which make you happy and boost your mood. Bust these myths to get happiness in life. There is no way to happiness because happiness is a way of thinking and a way of being. You’ll always have to face challenges both in your personal and professional life. You need to capture those perfect moments you have in life and appreciate it. 

Or just appreciate and be grateful for the very fact that you are alive. Isn’t that a magic itself?

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