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5 tips to help you become a great leader

With growth in your professional life, you are likely to move from an individual role to a leadership role, which would involve managing diverse team-members. Easier said than done since you will now become responsible for others’ performance. Now that’s tricky since while you have full control over your own behaviour, others are unpredictable. It is challenging to align your and the organisation’s goals with that of the team-members but it can be achieved with a bit of preparation. Here we present 5 tips to help you to become a great leader.

1. Lead by example

As a leader you must practice what you preach. When you expect your team-members to be punctual, polite and sincere, you need to showcase these skills yourself all the time. Your team-members look up to you and you must develop your skills and behaviour to be their role model. No compromises there.

2. Be empathetic

Agreed you need to enforce discipline at work, however, always understand that you are working with humans. Everyone has their good and bad days in life and to be a good leader develop the skills to sense other’s discomfort. Always be a good listener. Be empathetic towards other’s situations and act accordingly. While dealing with humans, non-compromising rules are hardly going to work. Bond with your team-members at some level so that they feel comfortable talking to you.

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3. Encourage people to contribute

Your team-members should at all times feel comfortable sharing their ideas with you. Many of those may not sound so promising but never shun any idea, rather encourage your teammates to contribute and share their ideas openly. The inputs so gathered can help you gain new perspectives into old issues. Encouraged team-members will feel more motivated to make a difference.

4. Be Positive 

Not all days will be the same but since your vibes are likely to make a significant impact on others’ behaviour, attitude and productivity, make efforts to build a positive working environment. Keep your calm always and discourage negativity. Engage in constructive conversations with the team-members and boost their morale on a regular basis. Avoid derogatory comments always.

5. Recognise efforts

Human beings seek validation. Always recognise people’s efforts. Don’t appease them unnecessarily but appreciate efforts made out of the way or something which someone did beyond the regular duties. A little praise can boost morale significantly, encouraging the person to think more, innovate and contribute in a better way. Try it out!

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