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Tips to gain a better control over life

Why is it so difficult to achieve contentment? Why are we always running after something? Why there’s a constant need of validation? Why what we possess suddenly becomes redundant and all our happiness starts revolving around one person, one career goal, one mission? Why? While it’s a difficult task to find the answers, few tips may help you gain a better control of your life at this very moment; to satisfy the unquenched thirst…

Stop and take stock

Agreed, we need to continuously challenge ourselves to become a better version of us but most of the things which we are currently chasing either do not exist or just because we have it, we are ignoring it.  Sounds strange but this is true. Most of the times we chase things/emotions which left us wanting in the past. It’s a vicious cycle we keep on entering into. What can help here is to pause for a moment and see what we already have and try to make an enjoyable life out of that first.

Instead of looking for new avenues for satisfaction, it is always better to take stock of what you have and analyse if that can be worked upon. New terrains will have their own set of challenges and remember one day these new ones will also become old. All that said, sometimes you may just have to kick the current and leap into the unknown for a better life. That’s complicated and that’s why we call it life. But yes do remember to explore your existing options first.

Some things are not just meant to be

If even after repeated attempts, a relationship has not turned the way it should have, consider it giving it the ‘backseat’ treatment. Some things are just not meant to be, you tried your best, but the pieces of puzzle didn’t fit in. Tough luck, especially if you are in love, but letting go is the best thing to do in this case. Love cannot be forced. However, remember you don’t have to linger on the side. Take the decision to be either to have the relationship the way you want or end it. Don’t be anyone’s sidekick.

Know what you want

Emotional relationships are often confusing. But it is very important to clearly understand what you want from a relationship. If you love someone then that’s it, don’t make a compromise by becoming the best buddy. Stand true to your feelings. Deny compromises. Trust me you will be better off that way. 

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Be loyal

When you love someone love them with all their flaws. No one is perfect in this world. As the relationship grows, you will realize many things didn’t turn out as expected, take your time before jumping to conclusions. Empathy is an important ingredient of any relationship. Understand the other person’s point of view. Think if you can accept the person as it is. Again don’t make too many compromises. With openness, you should be able to reach a middle ground. Talk and try to sort things out instead of running away at the first sign of problem.

Perfection is a myth. Life challenges us continually. Relationships need continuous investment in terms of love, care and patience. Stay put. Don’t compromise on your feelings. Expect less. Give more. Stay Happy!


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