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We all have options

For long, I have given in to pleasures of others, not voicing out my discomforts, often making compromises with no returns. Over a period of time, sadly after many years, I have realised no one is worth it. We try to please people with the desire to get the love and respect back but trust me it never happens. People start taking you for granted. But even after all that, there’s always hope. There’s surely someone out there who really loves you or will love you the way you want. There are always options in life. It just needs a bit of courage to get out a situation, but it is definitely possible. We become comfortable in a situation and dread the change, getting into the loop of denial, self-loathing, misery and so on. This can end with our choices. We all have options.

You are the change

We all have options. We can choose to be happy, but we don’t. It takes courage to move on but trust me everyone can. At one point of time you will, it’s just that don’t wait too much for that to happen. And who knows the move could help you lead a better life. You may meet new people, people who will value you, your traits, your work. Agreed there’s no guarantee but it is definitely worth a try. You are change that you need to make to bring the change you desire in your life.

People will come and go

Besides few constant people who really care for you, many will come and go in your life. At one point you may feel a strong pull towards one of them but often these relationships are temporary. Don’t fall into relationships only because you feel lonely at some point of time in your life. It’s definitely a good idea to approach people, be around people, but don’t fall prey into the cycle of gaining validation. Remember good relationships are always a two-way process. If you are the only one giving in with no reciprocation, think twice before indulging further. Trust me the constant urge to get recognised, loved, looked after is more harmful than staying alone. Treat people as temporary, if a relationship is meant to be permanent, it will be without making much effort.

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Don’t be anyone’s sidekick

Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you. If you have feelings for someone and he or she is trying to convince you to be their best confidante, think before giving in. If you love, you love. Passion cannot be replaced by platonic friendship. Don’t fall in that trap. Don’t be in a relationship just for the heck of it. Either have it your way or let go. Continuous compromises will hurt you more.

Always remember you deserve the best. There’s nothing wrong in loving people. It’s not a sign of weakness. If they can’t reciprocate, it’s their loss. Be confident of yourself and your feelings always.

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