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Keep your expectations at bay!

Most of our problems are rooted in expectations, expectations which we build around others. We often look at others for our happiness. We expect them to behave in a certain way such that they can make us happy. This is the biggest mistake we make in our lives. Keep your expectations at bay!

You can make yourself happy

People will come and go in your life. At every stage of your life, you will have special feelings for someone. You will want to have a special bond with this person. If you are lucky, the feelings will get reciprocated, else you will enter into the darkness of pain, loneliness and depression. While there’s nothing wrong in falling in love but it is equally important to remember that you should love yourself unconditionally. If the other person is not recognizing your value, move on. No one should be able to treat you in a bad way. Love and respect should be reciprocated, else don’t waste your feelings. Give yourself the utmost importance. If someone doesn’t understand the worth of your feelings, don’t insult yourself by showering them with your love. Don’t hate but let go. Stay happy with yourself.

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Value your feelings

Love is a beautiful feeling and not to be wasted on just anyone. Ego plays no role in love, but self-respect definitely does. Go all out but understand when it is not working out. If you are the only one invested in the relationship, stop chasing right away. If you were equally important to the person, he or she will come back to you, else you will understand that it’s time to fall back in love with yourself again. It’s time to let go. If the person you are trying to seek attention of is not reciprocating, give your tries a break. If things improvise then you have a solid relationship, else find your happiness within yourself. You will never ditch yourself and make any compromise in keeping yourself happy, ALWAYS!!

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