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Differences exist and still love can

We often yearn for attention, and when we don’t get it, we become anxious, depressed, vindictive and what not. The irony is that most of the time the people whom you are fretting over, may remain totally clueless about it, ‘coz they are in their ‘normal’ self, it’s just you who is expecting too much from them. Remember love can never be forced. There has to be a natural flow, not something you can gain out of constant nagging. So, make your choices wisely. Differences exist and still love can!

Not a rom-com type

If you truly love someone, you will not try to change the person. As it is popularly believed (mostly propagated by rom-coms) opposites attract but statistics indicate too much of opposite thinking actually creates a lot of emotional burden on the emotionally weaker one. If you are a keeper and the person you love is free spirited, it will take numerous instances of gulping your ego just to maintain the connect. It may not be that the other person doesn’t want you but people like them either have a huge social circle or too many commitments and the worst part (for you) is they know how to stay happy with themselves. At the same time, they need people around them who can love them unconditionally. They are quite vulnerable but hate to admit it. So, if you think you can keep up to such a difficult relationship, then go for it, else, leave it for good for both of you. If you crave for attention, then definitely you need to look somewhere! Pause, think and decide your priorities.

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We are getting all the more lonelier with every passing day in this big wide world and thus getting all the more inclined to stick to relationships which are not even working out. Relationships must have a fire, a passion to stay connected, share, communicate, meet (if time and space allows!) and communicate more. If that’s not happening, you need to reconsider it.

Don’t be quick to blame the other person

It could be you as well. Question yourself from time to time. Does this person interest you the same way he or she used to a few years back? What are you expecting from this person? You can always love a person but you may not have the relationship you want. Your own priorities, interests change over time. So, self-analyze as well. Are you doing everything to keep the relationship going?

No matter what, you can choose your status with a relationship, and whatever you do, just save yourself the heartache!

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