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Bye Bye 2020: You taught us so much!!

The special year is finally ending; the year which redefined us completely; taught us new lessons in friendship, support, health, love, work and what not. The year which forced us to pause and think: “Where are we heading?” The year which brought us face to face with the reality of living in a shallow world where we had forgotten to connect at a deeper level. 

While the year made us more dependent on gadgets, we somewhere realized the value of relationships beyond the virtual world. The friendships which were earlier ignored suddenly received the attention they deserved. Lack of time, which was a common excuse for not keeping up with family and friends couldn’t make much leeway in the current scenario. Empty dinner tables suddenly could see the presence of all the family members together, sharing the woes and the smiles together. A scene which had almost vanished in the so-called busy world!

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Though all this came at a high price, but as they say, positivity helps us fight the battles better. The year brought with it numerous opportunities to grow and see things in a new light. Many of us could complete the much-awaited academic programs and upgrade our skills which was just not becoming possible in the usual times. 

As we gradually get equipped to emerge from the crisis, there are many things to ponder upon. Should we go back to the old times? Or have we learnt some valuable lessons from the pandemic and must move forward in that direction. We must at least reconsider the way we have been treating our personal growth and relationships as we gear up for the post pandemic world. There is definitely more scope of being nice to each other, extend support, build resilience and stand up for each other. Pandemic or no-pandemic, these practices should hold true always!! Let’s spread more smiles 🙂    

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