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Why do you care the way you do?

A special person asked: “Why do you care the way you do?” While the main reason simply remains: ”Love”, a few conscious practices, we believe, helps someone to care in a way that makes a difference…

Remember it’s not about you

Condition yourself to be able to love unconditionally, if you have found someone worth it. Agreed it’s a tough job but when you say to yourself, “Hey! this person means a lot to me”, you have to stand by it. You cannot have a relationship if you are focusing on what you are getting in return. Sounds philosophical, but true. You have to do your bit without expectations. If you are expecting every good deed, every gesture to be returned back, then you are in business not love, my dear. Everyone has their own way of expressing what they feel, and you will respect the other person’s feelings, if you truly care. The biggest mistake we make in life is to first fall in love with a person for who and what they are and then become hellbent on changing them and when that doesn’t happen, we become bitter. What s##t! 

How can love be a give and take relationship, it just doesn’t make sense. If you can understand this simple fact you can easily care the perfect way. Make efforts to keep this person happy because he or she matters to you. You cannot control everything in his/her life but you can definitely do small gestures to make him/her smile. It’s not that a tough task if you set your mind to it, and if that helps, “feelings do get returned in some way or the other.”

Relationships require emotional investment 

Just like everything else in your life, you have to invest in terms of time and efforts in your relationships if you want them to thrive. Now again, don’t go into the ‘battle of share’ here. Relationships do not work on mathematics, leave those equations for your professional life. Nothing runs on auto-mode in life, then why do we expect our relations to be? Just like you have to devote time to your personal & professional growth, you need to devote time to the relationships you care for, else they’ll perish. 

Small efforts go a long way for people whom you care about. And again, the most important thing to remember here is to NOT keep a list of who did what. In nutshell, all good relationships are based on the unconditional love a mother feels for her child, where there’s no equation in place. Moreover, no one can judge other person’s capability to love. Some people find it hard to express. If only you have the patience to understand and accept the other person as they are, go for a relationship, else you both will be good otherwise. Make conscious efforts to invest in your relationship with time and love and never ever try to keep a tab on who did what for whom. As we say, try loving unconditionally.

True love is magical

If you can love someone without expecting anything in return, the feeling is magical. You are in a constant mood of happiness because you are not even thinking about what didn’t happen or what should have happened. All your energies are focused on what you need to do to make things better, to make the person happy and smiling, help him/her overcome some difficulties of life. Though you couldn’t be luckier if the person reciprocates, don’t fret over exchanges.

The most important thing to remember here is to ensure that you are not crossing any line. If he or she is not interested, then, NO MATTER WHAT, you must back off. Your end goal is to make the person happy and comfortable. 

Love is not about you, but the other person you claim to love. We often begin a relationship by saying, “I love you” and then soon it becomes “I love you if you do this…” It has to always stay the same unless your hope is shattered completely and you made a totally wrong decision, else always remember you said “you love” and that too without establishing any conditions. Love is truly magical; Just don’t fall into the trap of seeking gratification, validation and you can care the way it truly matters…

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