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COVID Vaccine News: All is yet not well!

Even though there is some relief with the news of COVID vaccines making presence everywhere, 100% efficacy of the vaccines is yet to be proved. It is a new experiment human bodies are going through and only time can tell how well things have actually worked out for the common man.

On November 16, India successfully conducted the first day of the first phase of nationwide COVID-19 vaccine drive. As many as 1,91,181 healthcare and frontline workers received the first dose.

As reported by, fifty-one healthcare workers reported minor adverse events after vaccination in New Delhi. The Rajasthan government’s health department also reported at least 21 cases of adverse event following immunization (AEFI) in nine districts.

At global level, there are some concerns as well. 23 people have died in the country so far after taking the first dose of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine. As per the Norwegian Medicines Agency all casualties were patients in nursing homes who were over the age of 80. This may establish the fact that the vaccine proves to be very risky for the old and terminally ill patients.

Just like any new thing, the COVID vaccine will take some time to settle down and bring the desired results. The only problem here is that we are dealing with human lives. So no excuses can become acceptable.


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