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How to bring in more productivity in daily tasks?

Making the most of every moment is of utmost importance in these fast-paced times where there is so much to get done in the waking hours of each day. To get everything done, we either have to optimise the time we devote to each segment of our day or extend our waking hours—the latter of which is bound to be detrimental in the long run. So, the way forward is to attempt to increase our productivity in the daily tasks and chores we perform, both personally and professionally. This will not only make our days smoother and our weekends less occupied but will ensure our stress levels are much lower than usual. Here are some techniques we can inculcate in our lives to bring an affirmative change in our daily productivity levels:

Make daily checklists

While we all have long-term or yearly checklists set keeping our goals in mind, it is essential to break up larger goals and targets into bite-sized to-dos for each day. It is best to make checklists at the end of each day for the following day so that when you wake up in the morning, you have an idea of how your day will pan out ahead which will avoid the morning rush and scramble. Checking off each task on this list will give you renewed vigour to want to get the rest done. This will also act as a productivity checklist at the end of each day. Remember no task you perform in the day is too little to be included in this since it will tie up with your daily productivity!

Build routines

Routines are built of habits that are practised and inculcated over time. Once habits are built into routines, they gradually end up taking lesser time and being more productive. For example, if you need to spend time watering your plants each day, try to devote a fixed time each day instead of pushing the task to be done as and when you get time in the day; over a period of time you will notice the chore becoming a part of your routine and gradually will take a lesser amount of time.

Take breaks to rejuvenate

Bill Gates’ now-popular concept of the Think Week has shown the world how important it is to take breathers and spend some downtime with yourself. Pushing yourself to be a constant go-getter and achieve goals may eventually end up taking a toll and result in a downfall in your productivity. Taking a break will help you replenish both your energy levels and your creative juices and help you perform tasks with optimal productivity.

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Reflect on your mistakes and accept criticism constructively

Take stock of your successes and failures; understand your mistakes and attempt to build learnings from successes into habits. An important aspect of being productive is knowing what not to do which will save your time and energy.

Learn to say no

Saying ‘no’ to requests posed both by others and your own schedules will help uplift your mood and eventually have a positive impact on your productivity levels. It is important to be certain of what needs your attention and what can wait.  

Do try these out and see which combination of tips and tricks helps you increase your productivity.


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