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You are not a victim until you think you are

We are only limited by our beliefs. We often develop ideas in our head that we cannot go beyond a certain limit, we cannot take that decision, we cannot do that task, we cannot break away from that situation and the list goes on. But, trust me, over the years, through numerous self-help books/courses/lectures/personal experience, I have realised that we are only limited by our own behaviour.

Change requires a lot of courage and this is where most of us fail. We become too comfortable in the mediocrity and are unable to muster the courage to take that small decision that could make our lives so much better.

Reconsider that ‘not so happy’ relationship

We love to stay stuck in a relationship which just gives an illusionary comfort of someone being there. The imaginary comfort is so gripping that we ignore realities of getting neglected, not being in priority. The fear of being alone compels us to stay in a relationship which gives us no solace rather brings our happiness down, puts us in self-doubt. If any relationship is not functioning the way you want it to go, the way you desire it to be, then don’t get influenced by making compromises to make it work. Relationships should naturally work for all involved, nothing should be forced in it. If you find yourself often questioning about the relationship, maybe it’s time to call it quits. Try solving the issues through discussion. If that also doesn’t work out reconsider your involvement. Yes, it is not easy to move on but clinging to something which is not making you happy is equally disastrous, if not more. Muster courage and let go. It will be a painful process but eventually it will work out best for both of you.

Quit that uninteresting work

Each one of us has a special talent. We all have different passions. Agreed, we all need to work to stay productive and meet our means. But, it is vital to question: “Do I love what I am doing?” Only when you love your work will you be able to deliver optimum results. Agreed, numerous questions will plague your mind before you make that plunge but it will be worth it at the end if you sincerely desire it. However, don’t expect the universe to work in your favour suddenly. You need to make constant and sincere efforts to change your place, to make your life better and only then things will eventually work out. However, a word of caution: “Only when you are 100% sure about taking the plunge, make sincere efforts towards that. If any doubt exists, compromising on your current work quality is not worth it. Be graceful in the approach.”

Stop blaming the world

Nobody else but only you are responsible for your condition at any given time. Agreed, many situations are out of our control, but how we respond to a situation is always in our control. How you behave in a situation defines you and your present and future. No one is out there to get you. You are not a victim unless you choose to be. We all have situations to deal with, the difference lies in the ways of handling them. Most of our problems are self-created, fostered by overthinking. Analyse every situation objectively and never blame others for your unhappy state. You are responsible for keeping yourself happy and you only need to make efforts towards that. As you sincerely commit towards staying happy, situations will begin to transform in your favour. Practice positivity to invite positivity in your life. Start today!

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