A healthy diet or a diet of your choice?

Perhaps this is one of the most common questions occurring in every person’s mind on an everyday basis. While all the literature and talk shows in the world ask you to follow a strict diet, following it up with a stricter exercise regime, how much good does this strictness do to your mind actually? Does your diet have aContinue reading “A healthy diet or a diet of your choice?”

stay sane

How to stay sane amid the chaos- few tips

All the self-help books available on this planet preach to stay calm, maintain serenity amid all chaos. While that will be an ideal situation, is it the only way to manage your stress amid the chaos? Why is it not okay just let it out? Behave a bit differently than being too nice always? StayingContinue reading “How to stay sane amid the chaos- few tips”

art therapy

Manage Stress with Art Therapy

Stressed about thinking of different ways to overcome stress? Fret not! You must have heard the term ‘Art Therapy’. Art therapy is believed to be an excellent way to relieve stress. Let’s zoom into some facts of art therapy in brief. Art therapy is a therapeutic technique, conducted under the supervision of a skilled therapist, thatContinue reading “Manage Stress with Art Therapy”


Want Change? Then Act

You do yourself the maximum harm when you give in to the circumstances. You start believing that this is what you are destined for and you give up. That’s the wrong way to go. Always. Each and every circumstance is changeable. You just need to build up the courage to change your thoughts, take actionContinue reading “Want Change? Then Act”


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