Love is beautiful…

In this busy world we are losing touch with love. But then or now it remains the best feeling ever. When you start caring for someone, the feeling is unmatched. Fall in love for sure..

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5 Most Important Ingredients of a Happy & Peaceful Relationship

Just like any other good thing in life, relationships require investment; investment in terms of efforts, understanding, empathy, time, trust and openness. I feel the most important ingredient of any successful relationship is TRUST. If we can establish the trust that the other person will not ever let us down then the relationship gains aContinue reading “5 Most Important Ingredients of a Happy & Peaceful Relationship”

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Believe it or Not!

Creativity knows no limits! Who says you need fancy tools to be at your creative best. Since ages we have come across creative geniuses who have created visual marvels just by the power of imagination. They have put to use scrap in the most useful ways to give to the world an artifact that everyoneContinue reading “Believe it or Not!”


7 lessons from life

I would consider 2019 to be the most difficult year of my life so far. Though nothing was wrong on the surface, a lot went inside. Close relationships brought a lot of pain, usually attached with betrayal. While sailing through the difficult phase, I emerged as a stronger individual, learning some very important lessons. YOUContinue reading “7 lessons from life”


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